International Cooperation

Since its foundation Pozorje has been carefully fostering and improving its international programmes. In 1969, in Novi Sad, the representatives of the UNESCO, ITI, IATC and Pozorje met and discussed the cooperation on international theatre level, and the international programmes have been following a rising pattern, especially after the year 2000.

Besides all the standard forms of international cooperation reflected in different forms of institutional and non-institutional links, relations and coordination between our own and the world theatre public, Pozorje has established some special programmes within this field of work: International Triennial Exhibition “Theatre in Photographic Art” presents the creations of art photographers inspired by theatre and theatrical act. This exhibition is one of the most interesting among 120 exhibitions of this kind organised under the patronage of the International Association of Photographic Art (FIAP). This exhibition is the only international programme of Pozorje which has seen its promotion abroad (The German Institute of Arts).

The international exhibitions Theatre Books and Periodicals as well as Set and Costume Designorganised by Pozorje under high patronage of relevant associations, were of great importance and value. Technological advances, digitalisation (books and periodicals) and/or the inability to keep the pace with the Prague Quadrennial (set and costume) have contributed to a loss of the initial drive of these exhibitions. The substitute of these exhibitions was promoted at Pozorje 2008 with the presentation of the set design opus of Geroslav Zaric, a seven-time-laureate of Sterija Award. The cycle to come will introduce works of domestic and foreign costume designers.

The central programme under international auspices is the International Symposium of Theatre Critics and Scholars (under high patronage of the International Association of Theatre Critics), with the main mission of discussing the experiences and learning of the world theatre theory and practice every three years. The first meeting was held in 1970 (Contemporary Theatre and Criticism), organised by the IATC Main Board, YU Section of the International Association of Theatre Critics and UNESCO. Topics: Theatre – A Collective Act, Theatre and Audiences, Actor and Creating in Theatre, Theatre Play and the Language of Criticism, Criticism in Theatre – Criticism outside Theatre, Criticism and the Future of Theatre, The Tower of Babel or Global Village, The Destiny of Text in Today’s Theatre, National Theatre and Nationalistic Theatre… It is especially important to mention the publications published by Pozorje in English/French, which compile the announcements and the detailed course of discussions.

Sterijino pozorje has hosted twice the International Internship of Young Critics, a permanent IATC programme. The last one (Novi Sad, 2007) got the highest rating from the IATC according to both the standards of programme and organisation.

The World Theatre Day International Message, which is read in all our theatres, is addressed to Pozorje as the institution which organises the translation of the text and its distribution in our country.

Pozorje is the administrative seat of the IATC National Section.