“Scena”, Theatre Arts Review

Scena has been published continuously since 1965. The magazine has had nine editorial boards. Its editors-in-chief have been Josip Kulundžić (1965 – 1969), Slobodan Selenić (1970 – 1974), Petar Marjanović (1975 – 1990), Radomir Putnik (1991 – 1994), Vida Ognjenović (1995 – 2001), Darinka Nikolić (2002 – 2012).

Today, the magazine is edited by: Zoran Đerić (editor-in-chief), Luka Kecman, Miloš Latinović, Marina Milivojević Mađarev, Nataša Milović, Isidora Popović, Jug Radivojević, Ljubinka Stojanović. Editorial board secretary Vesna Grginčević.

Scena is focusing on aesthetics, theory and sociology of theatre; through interviews it follows new developments in domestic and foreign theatre; regularly brings reviews of domestic and foreign festivals with a special emphasis on Sterijino pozorje, Bitef and others. It commemorates anniversaries and draws attention to the most important aspects of theatre history (great creators, movements, phenomena). Through book reviews it informs the audience on the contemporary theatre science production.
With the introduction of young members into the editorial board, the magazine turned attention to current topics in regard to young theatre population, both readers and authors – provocative surveys on the repertoires of institutional theatres, young playwrights produced on our stages, different segments of theatrical performance (set design, costume…).
The magazine features at least one contemporary dramatic text in each edition, thus significantly contributing to the affirmation of the domestic dramatic production. As of recently, the magazine publishes foreign dramatic texts, especially from the neighbouring countries…

Great attention is placed on the magazine design, as an integral and inseparable part of the visual identity of Scena. Photography plays a special role as it is, besides video recording, a lasting testimony of a theatrical event.

Sterija’s Award for Theatre Science of “Scena” Theatre Review was established in 1986 in order to give an impetus to the development of theatre science and its public and professional affirmation. The award had been presented every two years until 2002, when the decision was made to present it every three years. So far 23 authors have received this recognition.

“Scena”, Theatre Arts Review – English Issue
“Scena”, Theatre Arts Review was initiated in 1974 as a theatre almanac in English. At the beginning the publication informed foreign readers on theatrical events in our country, and today it primarily publishes contemporary dramatic titles, thus undoubtedly contributing to their promotion in the world. The magazine is edited by the same editorial board as the Serbian edition.