Yearbook of Serbian Theatres

It is a unique edition about the national theatre concerning theatre science. It contains all the relevant data about drama, opera and ballet repertoires of the professional Yugoslav theatres and theatres of Republic of Srpska for the actual season, as well as the data about all the theatre festivals, a bibliography about theatre and dramatic literature, statistics and indexes.

Focusing on theatre as a whole, The Yearbook provides a plastic picture of the national theatre in a certain cultural moment. Thanks to its contents, a sum of the relevant data, and their methodological presentation, the Yearbook may, on one hand, serve as a reliable source of information and as a fundamental starting point in theatre art research, and on the other, for the comparative studies of the contacts and common characteristics of the Yugoslav theatre culture and art, and other theatre cultures and arts.

The Yearbook of Serbian Theatres may be a useful source for the researchers of different professions, levels of education and interests: scientific researchers and theatre experts, journalists, students and teachers, propagandists and theatre admirers.

Novi Sad, Centre for Theatre Documentation, Sterijino Pozorje

2017/2018. / књ. 40,
Нови Сад, 2019. – 302 стр.
ISSN 1820-8215

2016/2017. / књ. 39,
Нови Сад, 2018. – 296 стр.
ISSN 1820-8215

2015/2016. / књ. 38,
Нови Сад, 2017. – 302 стр.
ISSN 1820-8215

2014/2015. / књ. 37,
Нови Сад, 2016. – 319 стр.

ISSN 1820-8215

2013/2014. / књ. 36,
Нови Сад, 2015. – 312 стр.

ISSN 1820-8215

2012/2013. / књ. 35,
Нови Сад, 2014. – 320 стр.

ISSN 1820-8215

2011/2012. / књ. 34,
Нови Сад, 2013. – 328 стр.

ISSN 1820-8215

2010/2011. / књ. 33,
Нови Сад, 2012. – 360 стр.

ISSN 1820-8215